Engaged Online Teaching & Learning

Engaged Online Teaching and Learning at CSI treats the whole learner, focusing on disciplinary content and three areas of practice: connections, feedback, and course design. You’ll see these four “buckets” presented in different ways throughout this text because the relationships between them are non-linear and each concept can be addressed in any order and in any way that is helpful to your objectives.


To measure one’s efforts, we offer the following standards as benchmarks. Instructors wishing to review and improve their courses may report the ways in which their courses meet, exceed, or fail to meet these standards.


This course provides mechanisms, tools, and opportunities for learners and instructors to connect with one another as curious, engaged learners who collaborate to build course norms, to ask good questions, and to discover the connections between course content, each other, and the larger world.


Content provided in this course allows learners to meet or exceed course and program outcomes, and is accepted by the department, college, and other discipline and/or accrediting bodies as meeting disciplinary standards.


The instructor of the course provides multiple, regular, and iterative opportunities to give feedback on learner performance, and gives learners the opportunity to revise, revisit, and reconceive knowledge as it builds through and relates to the course as a whole.

Course Design

The design of the course interface, content, activities, feedback mechanisms, and means for community building allow learners with various needs to access all elements of the course easily. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and clear wayfinding are foundational aspects of such accessibility.



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